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HUD Secretary Visits Fort Worth Community

~March 4, 2014 - Fort Worth, Texas~

The Fort Worth Housing Authority board approved hiring Fort Worth based QuadCo Management Solutions, L.L.C. to manage their public housing apartments. This will also include Butler Place and Cavile Place. The move is expected to reduce costs in the wake of the Housing and Urban Development's budget cuts. Effective April 1st, 2014, QuadCo will begin servicing the Authority's public housing properties. The move will not affect lease agreements, rents or services. QuadCo Management Solutions, L.L.C. will be responsible for the collections of rents, maintenance and renovation of units.

“Rest assured, when you read that QuadCo staff are experienced in managing a variety of affordable housing programs, they are telling you the truth!!! They currently manage over half of our multi-family portfolio consisting of a combination of CDBG funded units, Public Housing units and Tax Credit or Tax Exempt Bond Financed units. Their ability to come in and quickly assess the current condition and climate not only of the property, but that of the residents and the surrounding neighborhood, is nothing short of astounding”.

Robert L. Reyna,
Executive Director
Beaumont Housing Authority

"QuadCo has had a tremendous impact and your work is greatly appreciated. Believe me when I say that we sing your praises to each PHA that we work with."

Will Henderson
Carleton Residential Properties